Why Dragonfly?

Dragonflies have been around for 300 million years, predating dinosaurs. They have survived time and withstood the perils of a changing ecosystem and evolution. There are about 5000 varieties of dragonflies! How have they not only survived, but also thrived?


One key factor is the Dragonfly’s 360-degree vision, seeing in all directions at the same time. Their large, multifaceted or “compound” eyes are comprised of several thousand facets. Working together, these facets produce a mosaic of images, producing excellent vision and the ability to see a broader spectrum of light than humans. With 360-degree vision, a Dragonfly speeding past is still watching you after having flown away!

The dragonfly typifies our 360-degree approach to solution building. As a community of professionals, we are enabled to collaborate with diversely talented industry experts, drawing on specialized skills and providing services no matter the physical location. In essence, we are empowered with a 360° perspective to offer strategies and solutions that fit your changing business needs and to get your projects flying!

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